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As a trained practitioner of Brennan Healing Science ® I work with, in, and through the different dimensions that make up the aura, removing distortions and imbalances from the energy field before they come down through the dimensions into the physical form as dis-ease.  I work as your guide, to empower you on your way home to your self, deepening your own awareness to your purpose. 

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What kind of therapy do you offer?


I provide an authentic and energetic style of body based talking therapy and hands-on-healing that aims to meet you entirely in what you're going through. My way of working is characterised by presence, empathy, curiosity, and when appropriate, just the right amount of humour. As a Brennan Healing Science ® Practitioner, I work with Core Energetics a body based psychotherapy, visualisation, energy healing combine several therapeutic approaches to form a unique whole


What will our sessions be like?

During our time together, I'll strive to attune to you as deeply as I can so that I might step into your world; so that I might walk alongside you in it. My aim is to hold you in the emotional exploration of difficult experiences, but we'll also be working collaboratively to help you take steps towards meaningful and permanent change. 


Central to my integration is the processing of personal unconscious material, which can clear a path through dysfunctional relationships, self-destructive behaviours and the 'stuckness' that often goes hand in hand with not knowing why something keeps happening.

If the hidden drive isn't there, it's less likely you'll continue to unknowingly participate in the same self-limiting experiences, which can be like contracting further into suffering rather than expanding into what's meaningful; into what fills you with purpose.

The aim here is to grow your known sense of what's right for you to the degree that it becomes a guiding star—the light of which has a better chance of being seen the more we pay it attention and make conscious the darkness obscuring it.

Book a Complimentary Call

Book a 30 minute Complimentary Call to a have any questions answered 


See what's possible 

"I have had profound shifts not only within me but also in how my life shows up."

"Kashca is a genuinely gifted healer.  She is the real deal. I didn't actually have much faith that hands on healing could do that much or have a profound physical effect on me. Wrong! I am amazed by the tangible effect in my body, mind and energy after each session. It's powerful. I have had profound shifts not only within me but also in how my life shows up. Working with Kashca has been like finding the missing key. Can't recommend Kashca highly enough, even though I'm nervous that if the word gets out she'll be too busy to get sessions with!" 

Doraly, London

The Work

Brennan Healing Science 

Brennan Healing Science is a highly specialised, hands-on energy healing modality that combines both ancient and modern healing arts with quantum physics, spirituality and authentic presence. It was developed by Barbara Brennan, a physicist, author, and one of the world's most recognised experts in the field of energy healing. It is taught exclusively at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, the only four year college of energy healing and personal transformation licensed by the state of Florida to grant a Bachelor of Science degree. This is a gentle, yet profound healing system that is based on the Human Energy Consciousness System and its relationship to health and disease.


Healing Techniques 


A chelation restores your energy system back to it's maximum operating condition, much like recharging a battery. 


Working in the Astral or 4th dimension; Time Capsule Healings have the ability to free up held life force and consciousness within a conglomerate of stuck energy.


Chakra's can become torn or damaged and in need of Chakra Restructuring is which is performed on all severn levels of your field.

The Divine Within

Transformative Healing Program 

Taking you through the Four Dimensions of Human Kind - Physical, Aura, Hara, and Core Star - in this ten session programme, you will uncover your own internal healing aspects.

Using Brennan techniques, I will guide you through hands-on healing to realise your own innate wisdom of self-introspection and healing. Inner child work, somatic healing, core energetics, voice, and personality patterns are some areas we may cover and bring awareness to. 

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The Life Centre,

15 Edge St, Kensington,

London W8 7PN

41B Roderick rd,

Hampstead, NW3 2NP


Mon - Fri: 9am - 8pm


Phone: 07859799629

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