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“Only what is really oneself has the power to heal.” Carl Jung

Approach and practice

What kind of therapy do you offer?

I provide an authentic and energetic style of body based talking therapy and hands-on-healing that aims to meet you entirely in what you're going through. My way of working is characterised by presence, empathy, curiosity, and when appropriate, just the right amount of humour. As a Brennan Healing Science ® Practitioner, I work with Core Energetics a body based psychotherapy, visualisation, energy healing combine several therapeutic approaches to form a unique whole.

What will our sessions be like?

During our time together, I'll attune to you as deeply as I can so that I might step into your world; so that I might walk alongside you in it. My aim is to hold you in the emotional exploration of difficult experiences, but we'll also be working collaboratively to help you take steps towards meaningful and permanent change.

Do you specialise in anything?

Most of my therapeutic healing work so far has focused on difficulties in ancestral, familial and romantic relationships, the processing of unconscious or repressed material (including dreams), feminine issues and the strengthening of one's self in the truest sense. Professionally, I have an interest in working with various addictions, extreme or polarised states of mind, and the lasting impact of traumatic childhood events, no matter how subtle.


I'm a little nervous about starting - should I be?

In both my personal and professional experience, therapy can be challenging yet beautiful; demanding yet revelatory. It requires an ever-increasing degree of bravery and self-honesty from you, but its reward is far greater than its burden, so to speak, and the fullness of it, meaning both the dark and the light is reflective of life itself.

To hold these two halves in equal measure is, ultimately, what the psyche craves: balance. Rest assured that sessions are informed by what you bring, and we'll always work at a pace most suited to you.

Working together 

An introductory online session is our opportunity to meet and get a clear sense of what working together might be like. You're welcome to ask me any questions you have at this stage, and I'll be asking you a bit about your life history, current situation and therapeutic needs as part of a full assessment. The session will last between 30 minutes for which I charge no fee and ongoing therapy will be discussed and agreed upon collaboratively if we both decide to continue.

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