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About me

As a trained practitioner of Brennan Healing Science ® I work with, in, and through the different dimensions that make up the aura, removing distortions and imbalances from the energy field before they come down through the dimensions into the physical form as dis-ease.  I work as your guide, to empower you on your way home to your self, deepening your own awareness to your purpose. 

Today I live in North West London with my partner. My life is centred around connecting to nature and furthering my knowledge of the energy that surrounds us but cannot be seen. In the last 10 years I’ve been privileged to work with medicine women in Peru, South Africa and Australia, continuing to deepen my experience in shamanism and trans-generational trauma healing. I see clients from all walks of life, with differing goals and ambitions. My speciality is with working with complex trauma, addictions and sexual abuse.

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My approach

Each client’s situation and motivation is unique and my approach is flexible. Broadly, I facilitate a deepening of your own awareness to your purpose, the divine blueprint who you are within the world.


I am a trained Barbara Brennan Healing science practitioner focused on spiritual psychology, hands-on-healing energy medicine, and the evolution of the self. I am here, to help you find another way of being, to know yourself fully once more, undefended. Together we create a space in which to explore your feelings, imaginings, shadows, stories, fears and hopes


2023 - 2025

Currently studying Advanced Studies at Barbara Brennan Institute 

2019 - 2023

Brennan Healing Science Energy Healer 


200h Yoga Teacher Training at AyurYoga Eco-Ashram India

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