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Brennan Healing Techniques


A chelation restores your energy system back to it's maximum operating condition, much like recharging a battery. It clears, balances and recharges your field. In this practice, I am grounded and connected to the earth, to self and divine source. A chelation is preparation for deeper work; a multitude of techniques, such as chakra re-structuring, spinal clearing, relationship cord healing, time capsule healing or past life issues. 


Working in the Astral or 4th dimension; Time Capsule Healings have the ability to free up held life force and consciousness within a conglomerate of stuck energy. We are working on healing places in your life-expression and relationships that are held down by your limiting repetitive patterns. We explore fears, blocks, and dualistic beliefs that may keep you in separation and diminish the expression of your core self and natural creative energy.


Chakra's can become torn or damaged and in need of Chakra Restructuring is which is performed on all severn levels of the Human Energy Field. Organ Restructuring is used when there is a missing organ and to restores the function and balance of the organ.


Psychic surgery is a technique to restructure the fifth level of your auric field, working with guides performing forms of energetic surgery. This level is the divine template or blueprint for all form on the physical level, addressing illness and dis-ease in your physical body.  


There are five major types of cords: Soul, Past Life, Genetic, Parental and other Relationships.

For example Genetic Cords are formed from and connected to your parents and ancestors and all those in your bloodline.  We work to clear the distortion that can continue to perpetuate unhealthy relational dynamics.


Here we work in a deeper dimension than the auric field in the realm of intentionality. We pinpoint "split intentions" within your being, which unconsciously block your ability to manifest your hopes dreams and desires. Holding your life's purpose. This healing can have life changing physical and emotional effects, which is why we focus on other issues within the auric field before a Hara Healing. 


The core star is your eternal essence, who you really are beneath the persona and your physical body.  It is the source from which you come from for this incarnation. Often our core essence is not being transmitted all the way through to the physical level. Often because of some trauma or experience of not being "safe to be fully seen" for who you are.  A core star healing is a feeling of coming home to your divinity.


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