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The Divine Within

Transformative Healing Program 

Taking you through the Four Dimensions of Human Kind - Physical, Aura, Hara, and Core Star - in this ten session programme, you will uncover your own internal healing aspects.

Using Brennan techniques, I will guide you through hands-on healing to realise your own innate wisdom of self-introspection and healing. Inner child work, somatic healing, core energetics, voice, and personality patterns are some areas we may cover and bring awareness to. 


Dimensional Journey


Beginning in the Auric Dimension, with the purpose of opening your chakras to nourish and strengthen your Auric field creating homeostasis. Each chakras has a consciousness that represents aspects of your life expression. Sensing into individual chakras, front and back to gain insight into which aspects of your life force are saying “yes” to life, and which aspects are more resistant or blocked.


Often in this exploration, we find we have adopted patterns that deplete our energy. Together we will explore developing more flow and awareness in each chakra, bringing regenration to your physical body’s innate capacity for healing. Chakras are also the vehicle for developing your high sense perception. You will expand your ability to sensing, knowing and feeling energies within.


Working with the Hara Dimension, we explore your deeper intention for life, you will be guided to connect with your soul’s inner desire's . Finding we are often no longer in alignment with our deeper trajectory. We will uncover any split intentionally in the your field empowering awareness of your soul’s true direction and purpose. Affecting deep change in the Auric field and the physical. 


We connect to the Core Star Dimension, at the centre of each living being is pure divine essence.

The teaching, that our true inner healing path is to overcome the erroneous belief of “separation” that we carry, which causes us to identify more with self-judgements and lack.


The healing is to experience and live our unique Core Essence, this orientation to wholeness brings deep healing potential and grace into energy work. Healing work is not about “fixing” but helping you remember who you truly are, connecting to your inner light, deeper soul’s purpose and connection to the divine.

What is the process?

Whats present?

We discover the issue most requiring resolution for you right now. Unravelling the ways the block is manifesting symptomatically in your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and energetic bodies.

Release + prime 

With this new found clarity and intention, through distance or physical hands-on-healing, I facilitate your release of old patterns and beliefs. Creating space for the new.  

Finding the story

Looking at your entire underlying past-present-future 'story' to reveal subconsciously-held beliefs, blocks, and traumas that are at the root of patterns, physical symptoms and how these manifest behaviourly.

New foundation

The alignment of your conscious and subconscious allows a space for intentionality . We identify aligned behaviours and actions. Expanding, healing, and attracting is effortless.

Sharpen the picture

Bringing what’s hidden into view, deepening your ability to resonate and align with your own transformation. This clarity enables you to authentically identify with your capacity to change


A phase of contraction may follow as you integrate the healing, a deepening of internal wisdom and a continuation of the healing process. uncovering other layers to work with



Book Now  

The program is 10 one-on-one healing sessions , 1 hour per session.  You have the option of online, in-person at the clinic in London or at home. 

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